Colorful Outdoor Wedding at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Color made a comeback at Melanie and Jonathan's wedding, which was held at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Originally scheduled to take place at the Peninsula, the venue was changed to an outdoor location due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. With this new setting, the vision evolved from classic white and green florals to an explosion of colorful blooms that beautifully complemented the lush surroundings of the Garden.

The ceremony was breathtaking, with a stunning arch serving as the focal point. We later repurposed the arch to create a striking bridge over the head table. While the tent at the Garden is pretty on its own, it can always use a bit of extra enhancement. To soften the overall look, we replaced the existing lighting with antique chandeliers draped in greenery and florals. Layered starter plates featuring antique blue and white patterns continued the heirloom aesthetic and played up the florals beautifully. Bride, groom, family, and friends were all wowed by the final result! Cheers to a lovely “Plan B.”